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IGA Catalogue Wed 23rd December – Tue 19th December 2020

IGA Catalogue Wed 23rd December – Tue 19th December 2020

Australian Mangoes Multi-Buy 2 for $5.00

The Country Chef Bakery Co. Pavlova 500g $6.00 each

Australian Lamb Leg Roast $11.50 kg

IGA Australian Half Leg Ham $9.00 kg

Fresh Whole Festive Chicken Roast $5.95 kg

Patties Mini Combo 1kg or Party Pack 1.25kg 1/2 Price, Save $7.75 $7.75 each

Cadbury Favourites, Lindt Lindor or Toblerone Gift Box 147-373g Selected Varieties 1/2 Price, Save $7.00 $7.00 each

Smith’s or Doritos Chips 90-170g Selected Varieties Save $1.40 $2.10 each

Coca-Cola, Sprite or Fanta 2 Litre Selected Varieties Hot Buy $2.25 each

Seven Mile Quarter Leg Ham Bone In $11.00 kg

Yarrows Christmas Fruit Mince Pies 360g $2.00 each

Balfours Premium Christmas Pudding 700g $10.50 each

Australian White Seedless Grapes $8.00 kg

Australian Yellow or White Nectarines $5.00 kg

Australian Green or Red Oak Lettuce $2.00 each

Australian Washed Potatoes 2kg Pack $4.00 each

Australian Truss Tomatoes $4.00 kg

Australian Carrots 1kg Pack $1.50 each

Community Co Aussie Salad Mix 120g Save $0.50 $2.50 each

Love Beets Baby Beetroot 250g Pack $2.50 each

Australian Lamb Cutlets or Racks $37.00 kg

Australian Pork Midloin Chops $13.50 kg

Australian Beef Rump Steak $21.00 kg

Australian Fresh Chicken Drumsticks $4.50 kg

Beak & Sons Pork Ribs Selected Varieties $19.00 kg

Global Seafoods Cooked Prawn Cutlets 500g Save $2.00 $19.00 each

Your Bakery Croissants 3-4 Pack Selected Varieties $2.50 each

Baker’s Oven Sponge Rolls 400g Selected Varieties $3.00 each

Baker’s Oven Jam or Cream Filled Lamingtons 350g Selected Varieties $3.00 each

IGA Baker’s Oven Entertainer Rolls 4 Pack $2.30 each

Helga’s Wraps 5-8 Pack Selected Varieties $3.50 each

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