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IGA Catalogue Wed 18th December – Tue 26th December 2019

IGA Catalogue Wed 18th December – Tue 26th December 2019

IGA Bone In Half Leg Ham $8.00 kg

Australian Lamb Leg Roast (Half or Whole) $12.00 kg

Steggles Festive Whole Chicken $5.99 kg

The Country Chef Pavlova 500g $6.00 each

Mangoes Multi-Buy 2 for $4.00

White Seedless Grapes $7.00 kg

Blueberries 125g Punnet $4.00 each

Yellow or White Peaches $5.00 kg

Carrots 1kg Pack $1.20 each

Green or Red Oak Lettuce $2.00 each

Washed Potatoes 2kg Bag $4.00 each

Community Co Baby Spinach 280g Save $0.50 $4.50 each

Community Co Baby Leaf Salad Mix 300g Save $0.50 $4.50 each

Australian Beef Rump Steak $20.00 kg

Beak & Sons Meatballs 420g Save $0.99 $7.00 each

Global Cooked Prawn Tails on 500g Save $3.99 $16.00 each

Global Seafoods Salad Mix 500g Save $1.00 $4.00 each

Salads 400g Selected Varieties $5.00 each

South Cape Cream Cheese 200g Selected Varieties Save from $0.70 $3.90 each

Mersey Valley Vintage Cheddar Cheese 235g Selected Varieties Save $2.40 $5.50 each

Maggie Beer Paste 100g Selected Varieties Save $2.00 $4.00 each

Luscious Lamingtons Jam, Caramel or Crème Filled 6 Pack $3.30 each

Yarrows Fruit Mince Tarts 6 Pack $2.00 each

Your Bakery Chocolate or Vanilla Unfilled Sponge 460g $4.50 each

Patties Party 30 Pack or Mini Combo 40 Pack 1/2 Price, Save $7.15 $7.15 each

Steggles Festive Turkey Breast Roast 1kg* 1/2 Price, Save $16.00 $16.00 each

Pauls Original or Rum Egg Nog 1 Litre* Save $1.45 $3.70 each

Birds Eye Deli Chips, Fries or Roast Potatoes 600g Selected Varieties Save $1.45 $2.50 each

Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables 500g Selected Varieties Save $0.35 $2.00 each

Pauls French Vanilla or Rich Chocolate Double Thick Custard 900g Save $1.15 $4.00 each

Streets Magnum Tub 440mL or Sticks 4-6 Pack Selected Varieties Save $2.50 $6.50 each

Dare Iced Coffee or Big M Flavoured Milk 750mL Selected Varieties Save $0.90 $3.00 each

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